Aaaaand we’re back …

I just looked and it has been 18 months since I last posted anything to this blog. I wonder if it qualifies as a Guinness Book of World Records for inactivity on a blog … probably not. So let’s take a quick look at the last almost two years and catch you up to speed where I am at now and what I am up to.

Looking back on the time period from when I left Budapest in the summer of 2009 and landing back in Seattle in December of 2011 I must admit it was a pretty good run: I traveled through 16 countries (twice to Australia) including passing through Syria and Egypt before the Arab Spring; I completed a 101 days yoga challenge (well, 91 days total in 3 months); photographed rodeo in the Australian outback, riots in streets of Athens, Greece and covered the the US Army/NATO in Kosovo; I scuba dived in the Gulf of Aqaba and guided a safari to see the migration in the Serengeti.

When I got back from my last trip to Athens, Greece in December of 2011 I distinctly remember taking my empty backpack and putting it under the bed and thinking to myself, “I won’t be using this for a while.”

The plan, coming back from Athens, was to catapult myself forward into a nifty little business plan I had been cooking up in during the course of my travels. However, rather than finding myself soaring through the air, I found myself flat on my face and deep in on of the most depressive states I had ever found myself in.

I won’t go into the details about what had me down as it is all a bunch of stuff: old patterns, bad habits, unfulfilled expectations and a mass of disempowering internal conversations that had me feeling powerless and stuck.

I knew that if I were to break the pattern and really take on what it was that I was really inspired by, I would have to take some drastic action. And, having taken a seminar call the Forum a few years earlier, I turned to Landmark (formerly Landmark Education) and enrolled myself into a seve month long leadership training and development program and turned myself inside out. As it happens, I had a little bit more work to do so after the program was over I spent another nine months on Staff with Landmark in the Seattle office.

What I got for myself was that disempowering thoughts I had running in my head were simply old and irrelevant conversations that I had just not cleared out and that were clogging up my capacity and capability; like old programs running in the background of your computer, their functionality long disused and now only serving to slow everything down to a crawl and making even the most mundane tasks seem excruciatingly slow and impossible.

And what that then made available for me was to  get back my sense of myself, for myself. I got that my capabilities are only limited by how I relate to myself and that my capacity to take action and achieve results is a lot, lot higher than I could previously imagine. Oh, and I got one other thing … the girl of my dreams. More about that later, suffice to say we met just at the right time in the process.

So here I am in New York, Brooklyn to be exact, living with my gal and fully taking on that which I started to take on back at the end of 2011, namely to create a travel and photographic business that will have me doing what I love best: travel, photography and exploration.

Stay tuned, there is more to come …

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