What to do with +200,000 images?

So, picking up the thread from my last blog post … one of the things I am at work on is reconstituting myself photographically since I have been pretty much out of the game for the last two years. One part of that process I have taken on is to do a comprehensive review of my catalog of photos: no a small task since I have about 200,000 files across various computers and hard drives!

One of the benefits, and drawbacks, to being a digital photographer is that the constraints of film no longer limit the total number of frames one can generate. And, unless you have a good workflow process in place and are disciplined in managing your photos, the average photographer can become easily overwhelmed by the shear volume of pictures generated.

I am currently about 1/3rd of the way through my process and I thought I would share some about what I am discovering for myself with this particular exploration. As I started to think about this post it occurred to me that there are several levels of “stuff” happening so I thought I would split the post up into a couple installments …

First, there is what is happening on the technical level – setting up photographic workflows and making sure my process has the integrity necessary so that what comes out at the end is not more of a mess than when I started I’ll share those notes in the very next post.

Next, there is the work of going back into my past and looking at every single photo I have taken for the past eight years … and what that process is doing to me as a person, and particularly one who has dedicated himself to travel, photography and exploration. The process itself is definitely impacting me and my sense of myself and who I think I am as a photographer.

And lastly, there are some more “philosophic” thoughts about photography itself that have been rolling around in my head for a while now and I think sharing those will help me clarify them for myself and, as well, may spark some interesting discussions.

So the next post will be a technical explanation of  how I manage my photographic catalog and how I use Adobe Lightroom as my main catalog tool along with some explanations of the workflows I’ve setup to manage different aspects of creating and managing the images I create. After that, I’ll post about the more “thoughtful” stuff.

It also occurs to me I should do some writing about my recent travels since,  not only have I moved from one coast to the other, I have traveled across 11 states over the last month!

Up Next …

Comprehensive Photo Catalog Review – How To Part 1

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